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5 Healthy Relaxation Benefits of the Sound of Waves

Everyone has experienced how the physiological processes of the human body are activated and how one's mood and physical condition gradually improve when relaxing to the sound of waves while sunbathing on the beach. Feeling the sun and listening to the sound of waves spun by the ocean, the source of life, is probably the healthiest and most relaxing way for human beings. So here are five scientifically proven health benefits of the sound of waves.


The repeated impact of the waves changes the molecular structure of the air and seawater, releasing charged ions into the air. Just being on the beach is relaxing because of the abundance of cell-activating negative ions. The ocean has brought healing and health to people since time immemorial.


Large-scale trials and studies conducted by research institutes around the world have shown that the sound of waves suppresses negative emotions such as frustration and stress, while it enhances positive emotions, improves metabolism and natural healing power, and improves health.


The sound of waves is also good for manic and panic states. The sound of waves is also very effective when you are feeling too high and uncontrollable, or when you are feeling anxious and don't know what to do. The repetitive sound of the waves brings calmness to the agitation and frustration of not knowing where to go. It also enhances the function of the autonomic nervous system.


Insomnia is a serious disease. Many people rely on drugs or alcohol every night to try to fall asleep, but how about trying to fall asleep slowly while listening to the sound of the waves? The gentle sounds of nature's ocean will release Serotonin into your brain and lead you to a peaceful sleep.


It is said that the sound of waves is just like the sound of a mother's womb. Therefore, when we listen to the sound of waves, we naturally feel as if we have regressed within our bodies and unconsciously feel a sense of security and calmness. The sounds of the natural world contain ultrasonic and high-frequency waves that are inaudible to the human ear. This is called “1/f fluctuation,” and when our brain perceives this, it is guided into an “alpha wave” state, which relaxes us. For example, the sound of trees and leaves rustling in the forest, the sound of the wind, birds and insects singing, and other natural sounds with a good mix of regularity and irregularity bring comfort to the human brain. The sound of waves is a typical natural sound that allows us to feel “1/f fluctuation” the most.

The effects of natural sounds do not change even if you listen to them on a CD, so feel free to incorporate the five healthy relaxation effects of wave sounds into your daily life!

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