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If you are tired of life, take refuge in Bali

I first visited Bali about 30 years ago, when I was young and a bit tired of life. I was flying frequently around the world for work and play at the time, and I remember that trip as being my first flight over the equator. Anyway, I was traveling alone, so I was surfing leisurely every day from my base in Kuta Beach, but one day I decided to explore the island, so I rented a motorcycle and went on a short trip around the island.

First, I'm casually swimming on the coral reefs of Nusa Dua with dolphins by my side... From here, I set out in earnest in search of the essence of Bali. I went to the unexplored Yemunpe Waterfall in East Bali. In a deep spiritual area, I was reach the state of nirvana and meditate alone. In the monsoon rain peculiar to the subtropical zone, I drive through the Kintamani Plateau with a view of Lake Batur and other places, and reach the Menjangan Jungle in the westernmost part of Bali. There, you will be able to experience the magical sound world of insects and animals heard in the dead of night, and become one with nature. The beauty of a full-moon night in Ubud, one of the most beautiful places in the world, surrounded by deep forests, canyons, and terraced rice paddies. The mysterious ebb and flow of the tides around the Tanah Lot Temple, which stands by the sea in Tabanan, central Bali, and the plants and animals that follow the heartbeat of the earth.... It was a perfect sanctuary.

It was a one-person trip overwhelmed by the organic power of Bali, which I still recall from time to time.

Bali, a paradise of mystery and beauty derived from its beautiful nature, rich culture, and spiritual environment. Bali is a special part of Indonesia, with a complex history and culture that spans thousands of years. Mount Agung (an active volcano) rises in the center of the island, and lush green forests grow thickly and mysteriously throughout the island. The island is blessed with a very diverse natural environment, including beautiful terraced rice paddies, "Tirta Empul" with its sacred spring, and a group of beaches famous as a mecca for surfers. On this blessed island, the Balinese people have developed a beautiful lifestyle based on living in harmony with nature.

Bali's first settlers probably came from Taiwan and the South China Sea in the 2nd century BC. They brought with them a culture and religion unique to present-day Bali. Later, between the 8th and 14th centuries, the Balinese kingdom was formed under the influence of immigrants from Java and outside forces, becoming part of the Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th century, and the history of Bali continued as various dynasties rose and fell in the following centuries. In modern times, Bali was colonized by the Dutch and Japanese, and in 1950, with the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, it became part of Indonesia. Indonesia is a Muslim country, but only Bali is Hindu.

The exotic Balinese culture is unique in its high artistry and uniqueness of Balinese Hinduism. The Balinese people have their own religion and beliefs influenced by Indian Hinduism, and festivals and ceremonies are an important part of their daily lives. Balinese dance and music are internationally acclaimed for their elegance and subtlety. Balinese arts range from mystical masks and sculptures to beautiful paintings, Kecak and Gamelan.

The island is so famous as a spiritual pilgrimage destination. The island is dotted with numerous Hindu temples and shrines that attract many devotees, practitioners, and tourists. Bali is also considered the pinnacle of traditional Balinese healing and yoga practices, and as a retreat destination, it has become a sacred place for those seeking health and balance of body and soul. The land and nature of Bali evoke an ancient and sacred energy that attracts many people seeking peace of mind, purification, and spiritual connection. And it continues to hold a powerful attraction for people from all over the world. Each time we are touched by its charm, we are captivated by the mystery and beauty of this island.

Bali, Indonesia, an island of healing and mystery.

Let's go on a trip to feel the natural mystique of the island where the gods dwell. If you are tired of your life, take refuge in Bali.

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