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Hidden effects of The solar system frequencies

As Nikola Tesla said 100 years ago, "Everything is made of sound." In recent years, it has begun to be proven that all things and events are created by sound and transmit sound at the same time. With the "Cymatics" theory, which easily visualizes the intrinsic vibrations and sounds of objects by means of media such as sand and water, it is now being understood that the origin of the universe is also deeply related to "sound".

The planets of the solar system have their own frequencies calculated from the relationship between their orbital periods and overtones, and we usually live without being aware of the frequencies emitted by these stars. This is the ancient Babylonian view. This idea has been handed down from ancient Babylonian and Sumerian times to Egypt and Greece.

It is believed that each of the solar planetary frequencies has different characteristics for each person, and that the frequencies that are normally inaudible can be converted into "sound" and have a stronger effect when listened to directly. Hidden effects of the solar system frequencies are as follows

Solar frequency: 126.22 Hz

The power to open up one's life. Vitality of mind and body, strengthening motivation, appeal and leadership. The power to live energetically and toward life's purpose.

Earth frequency: 136.10Hz

Image of mental stability and being protected by Mother Earth. A sense of connection with the earth. Relaxation, adjustment of the energy balance of mind and body (grounding)

Moon frequency: 210.42Hz

Become able to live a flexible life. Purification of oneself and one's dwelling, balancing of body and mind. Enhances imagination, sensitivity, memory, etc. Improves menstrual irregularity. 

Frequency of Mars: 144.72Hz

Increases passion, vitality, determination, courage, motivation, libido, and competitiveness. Overcomes tough paths and demonstrates operational ability. Increased motivation. Improved energy and intuition.

Mercury Frequency: 141.27 Hz

Gives courage to take the first step. Improved work and communication skills. Gains speed and a positive attitude. Positive influence on negotiations.

Frequency of Jupiter: 183.58 Hz

Power ups such as good luck, success, good will, abundance, prosperity, expansion, and development. It is believed to bring all kinds of success and strong luck. Improves luck and success that leads to good fortune. 

Frequency of Venus: 221.23Hz

Enhances the power to attract love and money, aesthetic sense, dignity, and attractiveness. Increases love, joy and money flow. Increases the feeling of being blessed and loved by one's partner.

Saturn frequency: 147.85Hz

Achievement and results. Increased responsibility and perseverance. Strive for stability in life and income, success and happiness.

Uranus Frequency: 207.36Hz

Brings life-changing new ideas and sparks. Living with new values. Exercise originality and imagination. 

Neptune frequency: 211.44Hz

Enhances intuition and relates to spirituality and psychic abilities (spirituality). Improvement of artistic abilities. Purification of the mind. Some images of the calm sea.

Pluto Frequency: 140.25Hz

Ability to break away from old habits and unify the spirit. Improvement of insight, the ability to see into the future. Purification of trauma hidden inside oneself.

It is said that these planetary frequencies are effective to make the "place" listen to the "sound" of these frequencies, just as incense and crystals are used to purify the "place," and that these effects will permeate the daily life (home) to show their effects.

This may sound a bit too spiritual, but in today's age of AI, these ancient mystical stories are being researched and proven to be true through the global collaboration of supercomputers and historical researchers.

Ancient times are far crazier than modern times!

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