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Mysterious Earth Breathing "Schumann Resonance" and Its Close Relationship to the Human Body

Have you ever heard of the "Schumann Resonance"?

According to Wikipedia... The Schumann Resonance, discovered by German physicist Dr. W.O. Schumann in 1954, is a reflection of an extremely long wave (ELF) between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere whose wavelength exactly matches an integer fraction of the distance around the Earth. The frequencies are 7.83 Hz (primary), 14.1 Hz (secondary), 20.3 Hz (tertiary) ..... There are a large number of resonance frequencies. They are constantly resonating and can be observed at all times. It is not so easy to understand, is it? LOL!

Schumann resonance can be compared to the "breath," "pulse," and "brain waves" of the earth. Simply put, it is the electromagnetic frequency originating from the earth that exists in space between the earth's surface and the ionosphere, continuously reflecting as if to protect all humans and living things on the earth. It has been discovered that this electromagnetic frequency also has the same frequency as the "alpha wave," a type of human brain wave. Alpha waves are one of the most important brain waves for people to improve their emotions, thoughts, creativity, brain activation, and immunity. This shows that the Schumann resonance is related to the human brain and has a relationship that influences and links it.

German scientist Lutga Weber conducted an experiment. To investigate the effects of Schumann resonance on the body, he had his subjects spend several weeks in a basement where they were cut off from Schumann resonance, and they experienced various physical and mental ailments. When they stopped the blocking of the Schumann resonance, they were cured of all their ailments. Weber's research proved the curious relationship between human health and the electromagnetic frequencies of Earth's transmissions.

This was further elucidated by the story of the Schumann frequency generators installed on manned space rockets, which prompted NASA to study the Schumann frequencies because of the severe physical ailments of the Apollo 11 crew, who landed on the moon and suffered from what was described as "space-sickness. NASA eventually determined that the cause of space sickness was due to humans leaving the ionosphere area, which is protected by the Schumann frequencies, by going outside the Earth. Not only air, water, light, and food, but also the Earth's vibrational frequencies (Schumann resonance) were important for humans to sustain life. Since then, American spacecraft have been equipped with Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz) generators, and Schumann resonance generators have become the standard on spacecraft and space stations around the world.

Since time immemorial, we have evolved in an environment protected by the invisible electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the earth. We may have been able to build an advanced civilization because this "Schumann resonance" has maintained an environment in which we can live in stability as living organisms.

Mysterious earth breathing "Schumann resonance" and its close relationship to the human body will continue. Let's experience "Earth Relaxation" by being aware of and feeling this frequency once in a while!

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