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The Strange Truth about the Mysterious Star "Moon" and Mankind

The Moon has been viewed by mankind since time immemorial. The Moon is the nearest star to the Earth, yet it is a mysterious and enigmatic being. What is the Moon? Let's dig that The Strange Truth about the Mysterious Star "Moon" and Mankind.

There are many theories about the story of the Moon's birth, but the famous one is that about 4.6 billion years ago, in the last stage of the birth of the Earth, a celestial body about the size of Mars, Theia, collided with the Earth. This collision melted and disintegrated the celestial body, forming a Saturn-like disk around the Earth. The most popular theory for the giant impact is that the Moon was born from this disk. There is also a NASA study that shows that the moon was formed in just a few hours. There are many other theories, such as the man-made theory and the theory that the minerals on the moon are older than those on the earth.

The Earth and the Moon continue to be separated by 4 cm per year. If there were no moon, what would happen to the earth? If the gravitational pull of the moon, which slows the earth's rotation, were to disappear, the earth would begin to rotate at high speed. The length of a day would be reduced to one-third of its current length, strong winds and storms would blow at several hundred kilometers per hour, and humanity would soon come to an end. The current situation of the earth is in balance because of the moon.

And speaking of the moon, craters are not to be missed. There are 1,395 craters with a diameter of 10 km or more, and 199 with a diameter of 100 km or more. It is truly a planet full of craters. The crust on the far side of the Moon is older and thicker than the crust on the surface, and it is super bumpy with numerous craters. You can see that the Moon has prevented numerous meteorite impacts on the Earth. However, the mystery of the unusually shallow depth of almost all craters, such as a crater 80 km in diameter with a depth of only 3 km, considering its impact, has not been solved at all, and there are numerous urban legends ranging from the artificial star theory to the hollow theory.

Why does the Moon always show only the same surface? This is because the Moon rotates exactly once during its revolution around the Earth. In other words, the orbital period of the moon is exactly the same as the earth's rotational period! In other words, when the moon orbits 45 degrees, it rotates 45 degrees, so it always faces the earth in the same plane.

From the Earth's perspective, the Moon is almost the same size as the Sun, right? The distance between the sun and the earth is 395 times the distance between the moon and the earth, and the diameter of the sun is exactly 395 times the diameter of the moon. So the moon and the sun appear to be the same size. It is quite a coincidence!

Our bodies are affected by the phases of the moon, which repeat themselves in a 29.5-day cycle. Some people are more susceptible to various symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, edema, and decreased alertness. The moon has a gravitational pull, and our bodies are affected in the same way as the tides. This may be because our body fluid, which contains about 70% of the salt content of the human body, is similar to seawater.

At the full moon, when the moon's gravitational pull is stronger, it is said that blood rises easily to the head and the body is in a state of excitement. Some people may experience strong negative effects such as insomnia, burning, night sweats, dry eyes, and joint pain. The effects of the moon on the human body are immeasurable. It is also said that the moon has a cleansing effect. Many people try various detoxification methods.

Incidentally, experiments have shown that when humans live without knowing the time of day or night, they naturally live according to a lunar calendar based on the phases of the moon. Therefore, those of us who live by the "solar calendar" are living our daily lives with a bit of difficulty. Maybe this is why I feel kind of sick sometimes?

There are many mysterious stories about the moon, such as that the Apollo missions did not go to the moon, that there is a UFO base, or that the inside of the moon is hollow. Sometimes it's nice to relax, look at the moon, and be pensive.

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