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Health benefits of the sound of waterfalls practiced by the medical community

Do you like "waterfall"?


It goes without saying that there is a real waterfall in nature with plenty of negative ions, but just listening to the sound of a recorded waterfall is said to have healing and relaxing effects. Its characteristic water sound is widely recognized as a natural environmental sound that includes a comfortable "1/f fluctuation", and various health effects have been reported and are attracting attention worldwide.

Below, we have categorized them into seven hot topics.

1. The sound of a waterfall is part of the natural soundscape, and its natural sounds have a calming effect on our brain. From a psychological point of view, the sound of waterfalls has been proven to reduce stress and bring the brain into a state of relaxation. The reason is that the overwhelming sound of the waterfall makes it difficult to focus on other unpleasant sounds and concerns. These characteristics of sound can relieve mental and physical tension and create a comfortable state.

2. The sound of a waterfall is a very rich and complex sound as a natural environmental sound, and it has the effect of dispersing attention. Not only does it improve your concentration, but it also frees your brain from everyday worries and stress, allowing you to enter a comfortable state. Such a state is very useful in yoga and meditation practices. This is exactly what TAKIGYO is like!

3. The sound of a waterfall not only has a relaxing effect, but also contributes to reducing stress and promoting a sense of mental stability. Studies have shown that listening to the sound of a waterfall reduces the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is the nervous system involved in relaxation and recovery, and when activated, it brings the body into a relaxed state.

4. The sound of a waterfall is classified as a kind of natural white noise. White noise is a sound that contains all frequencies equally, providing the brain with a regular sound pattern. The brain can divert attention from other external stimuli and improve concentration. As a result, it becomes easier to enter a state of relaxed work efficiency.

5. It is said that the sound of the waterfall is also useful for improving concentration and creativity. The sound of the waterfall has a natural rhythm and pattern, which is said to have the effect of adjusting brain waves and increasing concentration. Rhythmic sound patterns are said to stimulate creativity in the brain and improve idea generation and problem-solving abilities. If you take a shower while listening to the sound of the waterfall, it might be a synergistic effect!

6. It is said that the sound of a waterfall has the effect of reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. It blocks the surrounding environmental sounds and masks the tinnitus symptoms, making it difficult for them to be transmitted to the brain and relieving the symptoms.

7. The sound of the waterfall has the effect of improving the quality of sleep. Listening to the sound of the waterfall when falling asleep has the effect of blocking out the surrounding noise and improving sleep disorders by calming yourself down. And it is said that the depth and continuity of sleep are improved, and there is an excellent restful sleep effect.

How was it? "Health benefits of the sound of waterfalls practiced by the medical community" Just a natural sound, but a natural sound! Try incorporating the sound of a waterfall into your daily life, which has many health benefits, and practice a healthy mindfulness life!

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